Welcome to Crunchy Games--the official home of StarBreak

StarBreak® is a web-based Roguelike MMO action-platformer with MetroidVania-esque gameplay. Don't take our word for it, play now or check out the trailer:

More specifically, StarBreak® uses platforming mechanics of 2D action combat platformers to provide visceral and fun gameplay. The game is kept fresh by using a truly procedural environment that is generated each time a player enters. Also character progress--including all equipment--is lost on death. To find out more about StarBreak®, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or take a look at our player-run wiki.

To jump into the action, simply head to www.starbreak.com and click Play!*

*Play sessions do not require registration, although some features are disabled for unregistered users. An internet connection is required to play. When you click play, our servers will automatically download our browser-based client onto your computer. Download times will vary based on a number of different factors including your geographic proximity to our servers and your particular internet connection. Some or all of the client may be cached on your computer to reduce download times on subsequent visits to www.starbreak.com.