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Fire Forest

On the surfaces of worlds controlled by the Harvesters, there are vast forests filled with primitive lifeforms.

The Fire Forest is a large forest on a planet currently being exploited by the Harvesters for it's materials. Home to many species of plants and animals, the Fire Forest is the first zone that the Shells of Eschaton must conquer before they move on to a more dangerous mission in the Fungal Caves. As such, the creatures within are relatively easy, but can still easily obliterate the unexperienced player.

Fire Forest can be accessed by any one of its numerous doorways in Eschaton

Table of Contents
Elite Fire Forest
Elite Midboss
Elite Boss


ALT Kantikoy Repeater ALT Improved Frag ALT Empowered Blast ALT Talons ALT Trackers ALT Jerkin ALT Hyrst
ALT Arblast
ALT Nacre Skein ALT Biting Aesc ALT Acrotic Warp ALT Trackers ALT Hyrst
ALT Haunting Aesc
ALT Cruel Sledge ALT Irascent Kyeser ALT Relentless Mantlet ALT Sabatons ALT Plating
ALT Lancet
ALT Deepfire Dancer ALT Defiant Antiphon ALT Protracted Macron ALT Valenki ALT Woven
ALT Telson


ALT Spike Pit ALT Purple Gobling ALT Pink Gobling ALT Gobling Bull ALT Gobling Alpha Male ALT Gobling Nest ALT Volcano ALT Spider ALT Spider Bomber ALT Pink Hopper ALT Brown Hopper ALT Parasite

ALT Hopper Queen

ALT Leaping Lobster

Midboss: Hopper Queen

The midboss is the Hopper Queen, a fat mother hopper. She has very little HP, and her only attacks consists of spitting fireballs that then split into smaller projectiles and a fireball that splits when it hits the ground, similar to the Volcanoes. Just stand in front of her and attack, adjusting your position slightly when a smaller projectile is coming your way- watch out for the fireballs on the ground though.

Boss: Lobster

The boss of Fire Forest is the Leaping Lobster. Its room consists of a series of vertical columns of varying height, with floating rocks in between them. The boss itself is a large creature that hops between these columns, shoots flames, and spawns parasites. As the boss fight progresses, it does all of these at an increasing rate, posing higher danger to players. At a certain point, the boss will be encased in a cocoon, soon emerging into a large flying insect that will chase after players, all the while dropping parasites and spitting fireballs. After the boss dies, the player may be left with parasites on screen to avoid while reaching the Eschaton portal at the end of the room. The sections of the boss fight can be described as follows.
  1. No wings

    During this part, the boss hops between columns, shoots flames, and spawns parasites. When enough damage is done to the boss, it encases itself in a cocoon and proceeds to the next section.

  2. Wings

    During this part, the boss flies to an altitude a bit higher than the tallest column. It then starts flying left and right while shooting flames and spawning parasites.

  3. Dive bombing

    During this part, the boss elevates to a height equal to three times it's body height added to the height of the tallest column where it flies left and right continuously. The boss will then choose a random player, usually the closest player, and dive bomb the player in a straight line. Once it hits or misses, it starts to elevate until it reaches the height specified before.

This boss can drop any standard tier one equipment to Experimental level. Additionally, it drops the following exotic equipment: Arblast, Haunting Aesc, Lancet, and Telson.

Elite Fire Forest The Elite Fire Forest is much more dangerous than it's normal counterpart- with more enemy patterns that are harder to dodge and the increased damage, it can easily kill anyone who's not used to the game. Changes in patterns include the Pink Goblings shooting more projectiles more often, Spider Bombers aiming their shots, and the Hopper Queen spawning Brown Hoppers. There's even a new enemy in the Gobling Alpha Male- a purple crystal encrusted charging creature that has a shielded head.

Midboss: Hopper Queen

The Elite Hopper Queen is much more powerful than her Fire Forest counterpart, and comes with the ability to spawn Brown Hoppers. However, they're easily dispatched and the same tactic as the regular Hopper Queen applies here, too- just stand somewhat underneath her and shoot, adjusting position slightly to get out of the way of the stray fire projectile.

Boss: Elite Lobster

The Elite Lobster is an enemy to be feared for the ill prepared. The pillars are randomly generated, sometime being almost the same size, to having drastic differences. A lobster on a very high pillar can jump down to a very low one, doing damage to anyone in between the two- many times for almost half your health. The parasites spawned are very fast and small, and can do a lot of damage to squishier shells. Comets are more common, doing a lot of damage and cornering you if you're not careful. The best way to defeat the boss is the same as the regular one- stand on the floating rocks and get in as much damage as possible, all the while avoiding the parasites and comets, keeping an eye on the boss to make sure it doesn't jump on you.


There are many secrets in Fire Forest. They are found in the rooms before the boss room, and are accessed by pressing a Z in the corner of a path with moss on the wall. The moss will then separate and reveal a secret path. The secret tends to be found AFTER the midboss. The secret contains EC or stat boosts, along with one exotic item. In the elite variant, the exotic item will have one modifier.


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