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Fungus Cave

In the caves of Harvester worlds where little light can reach, strange creatures live and prosper.

The Fungus Caves are large subterranean systems located in the depths of Harvester homeworlds. Damp and dark, these caves are full of dangerous troglodytes, perfectly evolved to suite the needs of their habitat. Shrooms wander back and forth in search of food to take back to their guarded colonies, barnacle like creatures spread their spores, and large Wurms dig through the rocks, destroying anything in their way.

There's a lot of very good gear located in the depths, but the fast moving small enemies are hard to hit and hit hard, and can easily take out the inexperienced adventurer. And be careful, because a small slip up can send you plummeting to your doom as the next meal of the Wurm!

Fungus Cave can be accessed by any one of its numerous doorways in Eschaton.

Table of Contents
Elite Fire Forest
Elite Midboss
Elite Boss


ALT Compound Repeater ALT Contrived Frag ALT Withering Blast ALT Durable Talons ALT Durable Trackers ALT Durable Jerkin ALT Durable Hyrst
ALT Cluster ALT Needlebow
ALT Cobalt Skein ALT Falcate Aesc ALT Beloid Warp ALT Durable Trackers ALT Durable Hyrst
ALT Polychrome Skein ALT Needlebow
ALT Vengeful Sledge ALT Caustic Kyeser ALT Fortified Mantlet ALT Durable Sabatons ALT Durable Plating
ALT Adjudicator ALT Boosters
ALT Everdawn Dancer ALT Invidious Antiphon ALT Recalcitrant Macron ALT Durable Valenki ALT Durable Woven
ALT Trinity ALT Mechanized Macron ALT Blockers ALT Boosters


ALT Acid Drip ALT Wasp Worm ALT Hive ALT Burrowing Wasp Worm ALT Melee Mushroom ALT Acidic Mushroom ALT Sawblade ALT Mouthshroom ALT Green Blob ALT Mini Blob ALT Mini Shroom ALT Spore Propagator ALT Mouth Man ALT Acid Bubble Flowers

ALT Teen Worm

ALT Sarlac


Teen Worm



The boss of the Fungus Cave is known to players by multiple names, including Earthworm, Wurm, and Sarlacc. Its room consists of a vertical drop at the entrance, followed by a large room with platforms. The walls begin lined with some spawners.

However, the main feature of the boss room is the 7 worm mouths within it. On the left and right sides each, there are three "side worms" that will lunge out in varying directions to attack players. Only the side worms with red marked mouths can be (temporarily) killed. On the bottom center of the room, there is a large worm mouth; the sides of the mouth do a large amount of damage, while the inner part of the mouth is an instant kill to players! This bottom worm rises up shortly after a ground shaking effect.

The sections of the boss fight can be described as follows

  1. Marked side worms

    During this part, there is one worm on each side with a red marking. This worm can be killed, unlike the other side worms. Once both are killed, the other side worms retract fully, the ground shakes, and the bottom worm rises up. After this, flies are spawned from the bottom worm area.

    While the side worms start out lunging at different times, as this part goes on they come closer to lunging simultaneously. Additionally, as the part continues, a larger number of flies are spawned for players to deal with.

  2. No marked side worms

    After a certain point, there will be no marked side worms for players to kill. Instead, players must simply deal with dodging side worms and killing flies. Again, the ground shakes to indicate when the bottom worm will rise; it rises with increasing speed as time passes, as does the amount of flies it spawns.

    Notably, even when the bottom worm is rising, the side worms do not fully retract; they instead simply retreat to the sides. By this point, the side worms will also all lunge simultaneously.

    Once this phase is cleared (which takes 5 risings of the bottom worm with full damage), the boss is defeated. The player is still left to deal with any leftover flies in the boss room.

It is also notable that the bottom worm is covered with armor. Doing damage to the worm can remove this armor.

The boss can drop any standard tier two equipment to Experimental level. Additionally, it drops the following exotic equipment: Needlebow, Cluster, Polychrome Skein, Adjudicator, Trinity, Blockers and Mechanized Macron.


There is one secret in the Fungus Cave. It is accessed by going through a dent in a wall, indicated by a small rock formation. The secret drops EC or Stats and a random Exotic weapon.


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