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An alien military of unknown origin holds this planet and enslaves its people.

The Vanquished is an otherwise peaceful planet under attack by the forces of The Watcher. With many of the native species dead, and those that are alive unwilling or incapable to fight, it's only a matter of time before whatever plans The Watcher has for the planet come true. Flying humanoids fill the sky with their Maggot pets, giant mechanized war vehicles roam the lands, and the troops of The Watcher's army hunt down any uncooperative citizens they can find- time is running out, and it's up to you to save them!

Military tech is very useful and powerful, and now is the time to get it- just watch the skies, and don't touch the mysterious crystals of the planet.

The Vanquished can be accessed by any one of its numerous doorways in Eschaton.


ALT Compound Repeater ALT Contrived Frag ALT Withering Blast ALT Durable Talons ALT Durable Trackers ALT Durable Jerkin ALT Durable Hyrst
ALT Tripwires ALT Empyreals ALT Bandolier
ALT Cobalt Skein ALT Falcate Aesc ALT Beloid Warp ALT Durable Trackers ALT Durable Hyrst
ALT Residual Warp ALT Empyreals ALT Bandolier ALT Kulbeda
ALT Vengeful Sledge ALT Caustic Kyeser ALT Fortified Mantlet ALT Durable Sabatons ALT Durable Plating
ALT Hotfoot ALT Bandolier ALT Gliders
ALT Everdawn Dancer ALT Invidious Antiphon ALT Recalcitrant Macron ALT Durable Valenki ALT Durable Woven
ALT Mangonel ALT Gliders


The boss of Vanquished is sometimes referred to as the Grand Overseer. Its room consists of a number of platforms and boxes above a bottom platform, all within an open space, with golden spikes on the floor (as with every room in the level). While the boxes act as platforms to players, enemy attacks can destroy the boxes.

The boss fight can be described as follows

  1. Flying Enemies

    During this part, flying enemies are spawned from various directions. This part does not last very long.

  2. Spawner Tanks

    This part begins two spawning tanks appearing on the far sides of the rooms. The first indication to player will be spawned flying enemies showing up at the mid level to attack. The tanks themselves will slowly move toward the center platform area, at which point they will stop.

    Once they are at the platform area, the tanks spawn enemies of a variety of types, both above and below the tanks. In order to get past this phase, the tanks on both sides must be destroyed, followed by the remaining spawned enemies being cleared out by players.

  3. Flying Tank

    After the tank spawners are defeated, a flying tank drops down from above. It consists of a large mid section with high contact damage and two claw hands, connected by arms. While the tank flies in various directions, the claws also move, posing a potential danger to players.

    In order to get effective damage on the boss and temporary safety, players kill both of the claw hands. When this is done, the boss drops to the platform in its current location, stays still, and does no damage for a period of time. Once this time is over, it rises up again and respawns both claws.

    As the fight progresses, the tank also shoots out increasing amounts of bullets and flames, in addition to often flying at a lower level (making it harder for players to avoid the boss). Once the boss fight is over, the boss goes up in flames and dies.

The boss can drop any standard tier two equipment up to Experimental level (Prototype level on Elite). Additionally, it drops the following exotic equipment: Tripwire, Empyreals, Kulbeda, Residual Warp, Hotfoot, Mangonel, Gliders and Bandolier.


There is one secret in The Vanquished. It is accessed by going through a door in the side of the buildings. The secret tends to be found AFTER the midboss. The secret contains EC or stat boosts, along with one exotic item. In the elite variant, the exotic item will have one modifier.